Wednesday, June 10, 2009

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Saturday, June 6, 2009

100 Things That Make Me Happy

I've been setting goals this morning. One of them was to write down 100 things that make me happy. I thought it would be good to share. Hopefully it will give you ideas about what makes you happy too.

1. reading a good book
2. being listened to
3. playing piano
4. a clean house
5. a good meal (preferrably cooked by someone else)
6. crisp morning air
7. country love songs
8. accomplishing a goal
9. head rubs
10. back rubs
11. swimming
12. running
13. chasing/hiding with James
14. seeing friends at the temple
15. the smell of a clean baby after a bath
16. snuggling on the couch with family
17. homemade popcorn and a good show
18. Good Eats (the show)
19. talking with my sisters
20. going to the temple
21. having a clear conscience
22. a soak in the tub
23. pretty music
24. genuine compliments
25. when James listens/obeys
26. my Mama
27. good literature
28. hymns
29. James sharing food with me
30. the baby kicking
31. a new hair cut
32. pedicure
33. home applied facial (preferrably with help of friends or at a sleepover)
34. new sprouts/green leaves in sunlight
35. being recognized for something I'm proud of
36. sleeping in peacefully
37. cool crisp sheets
38. learning something new/interesting
39. stimulating conversation
40. swinging on a swingset
41. playing in the ocean
42. naptime
43. big pretzel sticks
44. a happy baby
45. throwing things away
46. quilting
47. crochet
48. foot rubs
49. Olive Garden (soup and salad) lunch
50. Chinese takeout
51. boxes from Mama
52. reading books aloud with others
53. my wedding ring
54. primary songs
55. typing
56. singing
57. Christmas music
58. traveling/sightseeing with family
59. clean hair
60. clean teeth
61. serving others
62. hugs
63. setting goals
64. making charts/graphs/progress reports
65. a baby heartbeat
66. James talking/singing to himself
67. dancing with James
68. a checked off to-do list
69. learning a word a day
70. sharing knowledge with others
71. getting emails (not junk mail)
72. driving in a car by myself
73. walks
74. hiding in the couch cushions
75. daydreaming
76. reading updated blogs
77. creating spreadsheets
78. being within budget
79. paying tithing
80. missionary work
81. a clean floor
82. vegetable sushi with pickled ginger, wasabi, and soy sauce
83. a good salad
84. uncluttered surfaces
85. bike riding
86. a camp fire (w/ marshmallows and hotdogs)
87. candlelight
88. thrift store window shopping
89. pretty food
90. a good steak
91. rafting/canoeing
92. hiking
93. floating in water
94. having food storage
95. living near a temple
96. indoor plumbing
97. air conditioning/central air
98. beading
99. a full fridge/freezer
100. Life cereal

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Memorial Day Trips

Daniel:This last week we traveled down to Virginia and Maryland for my niece Margaret's blessing. The Chau's, The Chin's, and Several Howell's all converged on Baltimore for the very nice occasion.
Margaret is adorable.
Even with all the excitement, Moomers finds time to get her beauty sleep.

During the week, I was able to help my parents with a few chores. I helped re-route an exhaust pipe in the attic, placed a seal around some fixtures on the roof, and helped plant a new peach tree for my mom.

James "helped" too. He loved walking around barefoot in the grass. When we came in, grandma was quick to ask if James had washed his feet. I remember hearing that question a thousand times when I was younger.

As a side note, grandpa would occasionally call out "NO!" to James as he was about to get into something. It was the same pitch and tone that struck fear in me many many years ago. Even though he was talking to James, I found myself looking around to see if I were the one in trouble. I know that "NO!" from before.

Charity then departed on a business trip to Kansas City. I got to keep the camera as James and I went back to Baltimore to my brother Ben's house. He took Angela, Jon, James, and me to Famous Dave's. Margaret was at the head of the table looking rather stately:

Jon and Angela

Ben and JosieMyself and James, who is brandishing a knife.

Afterward, Josie, Jon, and Angela watched James while Ben took me to see Star Trek. (Dinner and a movie, like a date, except not.) There are some holes in the plot, but it was pretty good. Apparently, James had a huge diaper while we were gone. Sorry about that Josie and Angela!


My trip to Kansas City went well. We have a clinical study going on with two of our centers there. The people were really nice, I learned a lot, and we accomplished everything we set out to do. Plus, the food was great. If you are ever in the area I would recommend visiting the Hereford House. Expensive but worth every bite of succulent steak. I had the Blackened Flat Iron Steak (with garlic and cajun seasonings) and I chose to have cooked squash and zuchini on the side. It's the best steak I've ever eaten. No kidding. I salivate as I write this.

I would also recommend Stroud's. It is a restaurant that is set on an old country farm. Rustic and homey, it makes a nice setting for a good home-cooked style meal. Except I never cook that much food for one meal. Wow.
Baby and I also visited a modern art museum (free) while we were there. I wasn't sure what to make of it. Some of it I liked and some was garish and disturbing, to me at least. I imagine the inside of the womb might resemble some of the pieces there (the nice comforting ones) and so I know Baby is getting culture already. If he's like his daddy he will be able to put this creative opportunity to good use.... Or maybe that's what he's been doing already when he's squirming around in there.
Needless to say, the baby and I enjoyed our trip very much. Baby had a huge growth spurt during my trip, which I think is directly related to all the good food. We were only sad that Daniel and James couldn't have been there. It's nice to be home.